Patrick and Iris Chamizo

Las Casas Chamizo was founded in 2020 by a couple with a passion for traveling. We are Patrick and Iris Chamizo, self-employed and living in Belgium. While visiting many beautiful places in the world, the idea arose to build the vacation villa of our dreams. Our inspiration came from the wonderful architecture and luxurious interiors of the boutique hotels we’ve visited during our years of travel. Tailored to fulfill every personal wish and with the highest standards in mind, the goal was to create a home away from home to relax and enjoy life in the sun.

Our plans became a reality, and the first “Casa Chamizo” came to life in 2016. Whenever we visited with friends and family one of their first questions was “when can we come back?”, so we knew we were on the right track. This sparked the decision to open up our vacation home and it’s been a success ever since. To provide even more space for our guests we’re already planning our second vacation villa in Salou and who knows more will follow in the future. And just like our first casa we will hold dear our values to build casas where you can feel at home.